Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is this really the question we should be asking first?

[tw: non-graphic, non-specific discussion of abortion]

I have recently seen quite a few posts about abortion and the right to it on my dash. And I am slowly starting to wonder what we are talking about and fighting for.

Because all I ever see are people asking for abortion to be legal and easily accesible and free of stigma and free of danger and shame and hate.

But no one ever talks about the cause for the abortion.

Now, I’m going out on a limb here, since I have no idea about the statistics in the United States, but bear with me for a while.

Where I live, most abortions are not necessary.
Most girls and women don’t need abortions because they were raped or because their pregnancy poses a risk to their physical or mental health or because the child would not be able to live anyway.
Most girls and women around here are getting and abortion because their contraception didn’t work properly or they didn’t use it correctly.

Of course, if they don’t wish to have children, it is their full right to go for abortion. But wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper (and probably a lot less debated) to prevent the unwanted pregnancy so that abortion doesn’t become necessary in the first place?

Shouldn’t we, along with the fight for legal and accessible abortion fight to inform people what to do to prevent abortion?
Shouldn’t we fight for sexual education and contraception being easily available without stigma or shame?

Abortion is an ethical problem, even without a religious context. And while I am certain that a person (or several potentially affected people) are ‘worth’ more than a bunch of cells, it still seems a bit sketchy to draw lines between ‘a bunch of cells’ and ‘a life’.

So the idea of only performing it when necessary has merit. So why not, along with promoting the legalisation of an abortion, promoted means to make sure that abortions wouldn’t be necessary as often as they are now?

Why is it that we only ever rant about the right to abort but never about the right to not get pregnant in the first place?