Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cat has no patience for your spiraling modern epic, James Joyce.


Cat has no patience for your spiraling modern epic, James Joyce.

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I’m waiting until I get more of the Rune Guess Who anons to try and match an anon to a person (I have two so far), but someone is using my avatar! This is hilarious! You guys are awesome!

Do it, guys. Doooooo iiiiiittttttt.

We’re basically trying to break the Oracle here so, you know, awesome. Maybe we should like have a sign up sheet or something so Rune knows who’s actually participating? 

You know, I’m wondering, if we’re aiming for confusion (or challenge), multiple asks per person? Or would that get too messy?

Ahhh, I’ve never tried it on a PDF - it’s unlikely to work there. It’s a blessing for websites though.

Yeah, PDF files are things of pure evil, and I hate them. (The only thing that makes them even halfways workable is the screenreader adobe has, but that only works if they’re actually text, and, well. *despairs loudly*)


Biloela — Wild Cockatoos, Leila Jeffreys

Well I’m glad but also now a bit concerned. You ok? *huge bosomy hug of warmth and goodness*

*cuddles* It’s fine, it’s just. Homework reading that is disturbingly bad in a way I tend to take rather personally. I’ll get over it. (And tomorrow, I will be given fifteen or so minutes’ time to explain in great detail why it is terrible, so that’s something, at least.)

o-kay. things wrong with this paper:

  • the author does not understand the difference between method, results, analysis, and conclusion.
  • the author sees nothing wrong with using irrelevant data
  • the author does not understand what ‘adverbs in -ly’ actually are
  • the author does not understand social classes
  • the author does not understand how the english language and any sort of classification thereof works

and i am aware that this paper has been written by one of last year’s first year students, but that paper is far smaller than any of the four we’ve had to write in high school.

so, assuming that the author of this thing has gone through the same school system i did (which is pretty likely), they successfully managed to either not learn or forget everything they were ever taught about how to write a paper, and it’s making me angry.

left you a few notey notes. I tried to answer this on my mobile earlier and apparently it did not work at all. :/

Thanks! (You have just significantly improved my evening, okay.)

you can run statistical significance tests until your ears fall off, if your data isn’t relevant, no amount of statistical significance tests are going to help you.

(also, for christ’s sake, please make a proper distinction between method, results, and interpretation, okay, because if i hear ‘i have run a statistical significance test’ once more, i might just cry.)

so that paper i have to analyse is the most boring thing anyone has ever written, and the writer’s data isn’t up to date, it’s spread far too wide (1917 to 1993? the hell were you thinking?), it’s entirely decontextualised, it’s limited to adults (in spite of the fact that the paper is trying to say something about kids), it’s not making any sort of useful statement about anything at all, and whatever tiny thing we might learn is completely negated by the fact that the data is entirely and fully irrelevant.

i want to shout at someone. (or maybe someone needs to shout at me, get me out of my head for a second, because this is just no good.)